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Peter Boehringer - The Artist Behind The Camera

Peter Boehringer There is no journey, road, trail, location too far or weather conditions too adverse for Peter Boehringer to follow the call and photograph the American Southwest.

Peter loves moody skies and extreme weather conditions, but his favorite time to photograph is at dusk and at dawn - when we share the space with nature. These early and late moments in the day mean leaving sleeping bag and tent as early as 3:30 am, or returning to the tent at midnight to be on location when first or last light of the day caresses the landscape.

The mood and the atmosphere in the twilight hours are pure religion. Peter Boehringer believes the essence of a good landscape photograph comes down to exact composition, timing and light. Applying oneself closely to these fleeting elements are the essential components of his landscape photographs. Mastering these technical aspects is a constant study which he finds to be challenging and rewarding.

Are you interested in sharing these moments out there in nature with Peter? You can explore his photography tours and workshops at his WEBSITE leading you through the deserts of the American Southwest as well as to Bolivia, Brazil, Iceland, Italy and Namibia. You did not find anything that fits your schedule? No problem, contact Peter and we will work on a customized tour for you!

Peter Boehringer only shoots in RAW with best available professional photographic gear (Nikon and Phase One) to ensure highest quality image at the time of printing his work. All images undergo post-processing, "photoshopping". No elements are added or subtracted to an image. The goal in post-processing is to correct the flaws each camera has. Cameras do not "see" the moment as our eyes do. At the end of the post-processing the image has an artistic value portraying the reality of the captured moment.

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